Dare To Be Different.

August 22, 2010

Return To New York City...

Hello followers, I know I don't usually share personal info on here(For good reason. If i did, you'd all think I'm completely insane. Lol)...but the excitement just won't let me hold it in. So after a few years of living in Nowhere Land, I'm finally moving back to my beloved New york city which I've missed so much. My parent's agreed on it because it's for "School" purposes, but I'm honestly just going there to follow my dreams. NY inspires the shit out of me, so hopefully I'll have better stuff to post on the blog (If I'm not too busy that is). I'll make it there in time to attend Fashion's Night Out so I'll start from there and see where this goes. Stay tuned!!!

- Oh-Oh Rocky

                                          "City it's a pity half of ya'll won't make it" (Pray for me?)

August 12, 2010

New York Street Slyle