Dare To Be Different.

December 20, 2009

My Heart...as of the moment

So I was on my daily routine of checking out the new arrivals on Forever21.com. ..Yea, i know I'm mental. But any ways what's the first thing that pops up?.....THIS Wonderful work of ART!.....Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat and I blushed uncontrollably. Someone help me please...I'm in Love ;)

December 5, 2009

SB Shades are So Bomb.com

I swear Stevieboi.com has the most incredible wearable works of art, It's like walking around with a picasso piece on your face, lol. But seriously their shades are OUT of this world! Check it out. :)

- You Can buy the Blazer too By the way

December 3, 2009

Ya Want Some Flare Huh?

I Just recently discovered this website and fell in LOVE 3> Their stuff is very unique and ....well just see for yourself! Fredflare.com

September 27, 2009

Custom Accesories & More!

Hello Again! So I just wanted to get on here and tell you guys about Melody Ehsani. Very cool website to shop for shoes & Accessories. OMG I fell in love with everything! You can Also get peices custom made, necklaces, rings, and earings. So Knock yourself out! The Site is: Melodyehsani.com

-Here Are a Few Things I liked:

September 16, 2009

Karmaloop.com Discount! (Code: OE45466)

20% OFF Purchase at Karmaloop.Com!!! Code is: OE45466

September 13, 2009

Things I'm Lovin Right Now ( Chain Shades)

I have no WORDS for this one....Just Pure DOPENESS!!! See for Yourself! ;)

(Get these @www.patriciafield.com)

September 10, 2009

Things I'm Lovin Right Now (Rings)

I am sooo Lovin the state of FASHION right now, I don't even know what to say...I'm speechless. Here Are a Couple of things I'm really feeling right now.

2-3 Finger Rings: These can be found online at Karmaloop.com or Girlprops.com

April 7, 2009

Lady Gaga


So basically everyone knows Lady Gaga for her sense of style, yea it's very different and I probably wouldn't wear half the stuff she does (Girls got guts, and gets PROPS) ...But I think It's really cool. The one outfit I just love is the zebra print dress she wore in "Just Dance".....If anyone knows where I can get something similar...Holla..lol, I've been searching EVERYWHERE!


Electrik Red

Ok, so have you guys heard of the new girl group "Electrik Red"? The world has been missing a girls' group since Destiny's Child called it quits....but is this it? I'm not really sure yet, but I like their style if it counts for anything! Tell me what you think..k?(UPDATE: I TOTALLY LOVE THEM NOW...LOL)

April 6, 2009

My First Blog

Hello everyone, so as a spur of the moment thing I decided to create a blog. There is just so much going on in my life, and I just need somewhere to let out my thoughts...and basically this is my creative outlet. So I will be updating you guys about anything that comes up ......are you with me? lol ;)