Dare To Be Different.

January 22, 2010

I Love Louis!

I stumbled across this picture today.... as I stared at my computer screen I didn't realize that 45 minutes went by, damn..I'm supposed to be studying. Now I have to get up and get a napkin to wipe off this drool on my shirt.

January 21, 2010

Don't Play With Guns!

...Unless they have designer Logos on em ;)

..No, Seriously...Don't Play w/ guns...but these DO look dope!

January 15, 2010

Street Style (The Sidewalk IS Indeed A Runway)

I just love seeing people's street style. What they wear while out and about...it's so raw and inspirational. I hope to also inspire others to have BALLS and fully express themselves through clothing if that's what truely makes them feel good. Don't tone it down for NOBODY! they think you're overboard?....laugh at them and say "what,are you offended?" DON'T be afraid to express yourself wherever you go. Go ahead and wear your Christian Louboutin 5 inch red bottoms, or rock shoulder pads that go all the way up to your head to the grocery store...people might get offended.....but frankly, do you really give a fuck?



January 8, 2010

NYLON Gives Us a First Look of LV Pre-Fall


The Fringe is IN!

Rawrrrrr! ;)

(All Images Courtesy of Nylon, Check them out for more pics!---> Nylonmag.com )